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Learn to coach yourself
Power Tools for
Power People

Learn to coach yourself with daily
Power tools for
power people

You can immediately start on this exciting journey of the redefining self, redesigning your life, and coaching yourself to ultimate success. You can turn the world around.


Get your free ‘started kit’ HERE 

You will get 

  • Free E-book: Authentic Living and Leading. Power Tools for Power People

      In this book, you will find all the basic information your will need to start on your journey

  • Daily Power Tools for Power People

You will also receive a daily power tool to help you make new, authentic choices while you overcome the everyday challenges of negativity, problems, conflict, and chaos.


Your PTFPP is delivered to your inbox every day. This is what it looks like. 

Read more about what people are saying about their Power Tools for Power People, below.

Example of Daily Power Tools sent to your inboc
Image by Wesley Tingey
Book. Learn to coach yourself

Free Book



Power Tools for Power People

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POWER People


CEO of Grapefoor & Artist

"I find PTFPP very inspirational. Every day, it confirms and inspires where I am at the moment with my personal growth and path.  I forward the DPTPP to people I know will be inspired by it and find it helpful. It is convenient when I start my day at work by reading my PTFPP. I am grateful for what I get out of it and thank you Brenda for sharing it.


Receiving her Power Tools for more than three years
Receiving Power Tools for more the four years



'I have been receiving daily Power Tools for Power People from the beginning of 2020. From the start, I knew that I would need to make these “tools”/information part of my daily growth. I’m sure everyone is at a different stage of their own life journey and asking different questions about different situations or experiences. Power Tools for Power people gave me insight into my own authentic "true I am" as well as my own ego-self. I took up the daily challenge that was suggested in the daily mail and started to exercise them in my own life. Although some of them were not effortless to deal with, all of them had a conscious and sub-conscious influence on my personal growth.


If you are at a place in your life where you’re feeling that you need to learn more about yourself or breakthrough to another level of consciousness or trying to make sense of so much contradicting information out there, then I would urge you to allow yourself 5 to 10 minutes a day to become quiet and expose yourself to this easy to read, easy to understand and value-adding guidance.  The journey/growth is on-going. I still receive my daily Power Tools for Power People. The information is available – the growth is our own choice.'


Global Category Manager

The Daily Power Tools for Power People have been a great motivation over the last year. I am not a big reader. The short, to the point, daily messages have been a great help to get focused for the day or week ahead. It is professionally put together and I look forward to receiving my daily message in my email inbox, every day.

Still receiving Daily Power Tools for Power People
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