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Dr Brenda Hattingh

CEO. Power Intelligence Academy (PIA)

Dr. Brenda Hattingh is an international leadership development expert, an executive coach and mentor, an inspirational speaker, facilitator, business and leadership couch, and a qualified psychologist.  As an author, she has published more than twenty books covering various topics including Authentic Leadership, Epigenetics in the workplace, authenticity and overcoming the ego-self, Self-coaching, Organizational Wellness, The Quantum Leap and the new future, Power Intelligence – the intelligence of the future, recovering personal and organizational DNA potential, and the emerging of a new Success DNA and a new Leadership DNA. 


During the early 1990s Brenda was commissioned under the leadership of Nelson Mandela to assist in the transformation, and integration of a fragmented country that included the the training of leaders for the new South African. For this work, Dr. Brenda received the Professional Business-Woman of the Year Award. 


With a B.Sc. degree in medical science, an Honors and Master’s degree in Adult Education and development, and a Ph.D. in Psychology, Dr. Brenda lectured at various universities including lecturing in Organizational Psychology specializing in leadership at the University of Johannesburg (UJ).  She has presented academic papers nationally and internationally on personal and organizational success, Epigenetics, Organizational Wellbeing, and Leadership.  She will be presenting Power Intelligence – the intelligence of the future, Organizational Wellness, and Epigenetics in the workplace, at the International Conference for Psychologists in Prague in July 2024. 

At the height of her career, Dr. Brenda was left paralyzed after a motorcar accident. During the year it took to heal and to walk again, she delved into the research of the Human Genome Project and found that we all have an original authentic DNA blueprint for health, health, happiness, prosperity, and success.  We all have and authentic self that holds the genetic codes and keys for success.

Unfortunately, we became disconnected and created, an ego-self ad a world of chaos, negativity, destruction, disorder, delusion, and struggle.  Today the challenge is to stop and turn this process around, and restore the full power and potential of individuals, companies, and organizations – and even a country as a whole.

 To achieve this, we need a new kind and quality of leader, authentic, enlightened leaders, who can take in their place as future-thinkers, new pathfinders mapmakers, bridgebuilders, and catalysts for a new kind and quality of future. Dr. Brenda is committed to being part of laying the foundation for this new kind and quality of future that benefits all.  

Dr. Brenda has consulted, coached, and facilitated change and transformation including leadership development in a vast number of companies and organizations, including; SASOL. SANLAM. The South African National Defense Force (SANDF), South Africa Police Service (SAPS), Denel. Telkom, Reunert Group, University of Johannesburg (UJ), UNISA, IDC, University of Pretoria – Medical Faculty, AHI, ABSA, Standardbank, UNISA SBL, Netcare Hospitals, Alcatel, Namitech, Transnet, Tshwane University of Technology (TUT),  Adams and Adams;  Mc Carthy's VW, Mc Carthy's Mercedes Benz,  NISSAN, First National Bank, Exxaro.


Today, Dr. Brenda Hattingh is the CEO of the Power Intelligence Academy (PIA) providing all the necessary information, training, facilitation, leadership development, coaching, mentoring, and assessment needed to sustain wellness and fast-forward growth and development in individuals, companies, and organizations. The Power Intelligence Success Profile (PISP) is implemented to assess and keep track of progress making the investment of time, money, and effort not only efficient, effective, and relevant but also cost-effective.

Dr. Brenda works with a team of highly qualified, skilled, and trained professionals to bring only the best to all clients.

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The Company, the Centre for Power Intelligence, was established in 2000. The aim of the company was to provide all the necessary information, books, coaching, and training material to expand the awareness and consciousness of Power intelligence while recovering the original DNA success blueprint.  

For more than 20 years, the Centre for Power Intelligence has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to raise awareness and elevate consciousness while bringing the vision of a new future of success, and prosperity for all. Over more than two decades, The Center of Power Intelligence under the leadership of Dr. Brenda Hattingh, has facilitated change, transformation, and leadership development in national and international companies, organizations, and government departments including the South African Defense Forces and the South African Police Services. 

In 2023, the name was changed to The Power Intelligence Academy when Johan Erasmus joined as Executive Director. At the Power Intelligence Academy, there is a commitment to facilitating change, and transformation while harnessing the infinite power and potential encoded as our original DNA success blueprint. The PI Academy provides all the necessary information, skills, tools, coaching, mentoring assessment, and leadership training to secure a safe transition into the next level of health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity that benefits all. 

A team team of highly qualified trainers, facilitators, coaches and mentors are standing by to assist all individuals, companies and organizations who are ready to make this shift. 

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