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        The history of pOWER iNTELLIGENCE 

After fracturing her neck in a motorcar accident that left her paralyzed, Dr. Brenda Hattingh made a decision to heal and learn to walk again. She quickly came to realize that she not only needed new skills and tools, she needed a whole new mindset- even a new intelligence. Power intelligence was born out of these devasting circumstances. Today she is fully recovered and walks without a limp. 


Dr, Brenda Hattingh first coined the term Power Intelligence (PI) in 1998 and introduced it in the first book, 'Power Intelligence. Energizing people and organizations and creating prosperity'.  Since then, two more books have seen the light.  This includes the books:

Power Intelligence. Utilizing your infinite potential and Power Intelligence. Mastering your Miracle Mind. 

The results of all her research on Power intelligence were also presented in 2002 at the International Psychology Conference with a paper titled, ‘Power Intelligence- the challenge of the future’. Over the last 25 years, various books, training courses, and articles have also been published on the topic. 

The term Power Intelligence© not only has a copyright but was also trademarked Power Intelligence©™® until 2010.  In 2010 Dr. Brenda requested the removal of the trademark to make the term ‘Power Intelligence’ more accessible to all. She believes in the honesty and integrity of individuals, companies, and organizations that will adhere to copyright laws and refer to the original source of the work when using the term Power Intelligence.  Currently, the term Power Intelligence is now becoming a household name. 

Power Intelligence (PI) is the next level of intelligence and, like Emotional Intelligence (EI), is therefore a term for the people. Power Intelligence refers to a new part of the brain, the frontal lobe, that is currently being activated thereby allowing us to tap into a new level of power and potential on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally, and also spiritually/ universally.  At the same time, a new DNA code is being activated. A new Success DNA as well as a New Leadership DNA are emerging.  Humanity is currently making the leap into a new bright and prosperous future. 

Not only is the research and the body of works developed over more than twenty-five years now available in books, training courses, leadership development programs, and coaching now available, but the Power Intelligence Success Profile (PISP) will soon be made available to the public.  The Power Intelligence Leadership Academy will also soon be made available to the public. 


Everyone is invited to become more conscious and aware of Power intelligence and the freedom it brings in body, mind, soul, and spirit. At the same time, you are invited to join the emerging of this new group of thinkers and leaders and take in your place in the new future of success, prosperity, health, wealth, happiness, and a quality life of authenticity that benefits all.   In the process, you will become an authentic leader as someone who shows the way

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