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Power intelligence SUCCESS profiles


YOUR power intelligence success profile (PISP)

Discover the unseen forces shaping your success You've just scratched the surface of understanding the complex interplay of energies that drive your life decisions, actions, and overall success. Your preliminary Power Intelligence Success Profile (PISP) has laid the groundwork for an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

But this is only the beginning. Imagine having the clarity to navigate your fears, leverage your strengths, prioritize effectively, and transform frustrations into stepping stones toward your goals. The full PISP report is your key to unlocking these insights and much more.

 When you upgrade to your full report, you get:

  • A Comprehensive Analysis: Delve deeper into the negative and positive influences that shape your life.

  • Customized Action Plans: Receive personalized recommendations designed to elevate your personal and professional life.

  • Resilience Tools: Equip yourself with the strategies needed to overcome obstacles and bounce back stronger.

  • Continuous Growth: Track your progress and adapt your strategies with repeat profiles, ensuring you're always moving forward.


By investing in the full PISP report, you're not just buying a document; you're investing in yourself. You're taking the first step towards a future where you're in control, where success is not just a possibility but a certainty.

Are you ready to unlock your full potential?

Do your FREE introduction to the PISP and find out where you currently stand and what to do to move forward at an accelerated pace. HERE

Contact us for more information on the design, development, and standardization of the Power Intelligence Success Profile (PISP) by sending us an email:


Is your PISP Report negative? Find out why you are struggling to move forward. Get your personalized plan of action on how to overcome your blockages and barriers and fast forward your progress. 

Is your PISP Report positive? Find out how to maintain steady growth, and development by eliminating any negativity. Secure your success with your personal PISP Plan of Action. 


The Power Intelligence Health and Wellness Profile and Report

As a bonus the Power Intelligence Health and Wellness Profile is included that indicates levels of negativities causing stress. This then is relayed to different l representation in the body and the possibility of the vulnerability to stress related diseases.  The psychological and stress related factors underlying different illnesses can be addressed and a holistic energetic approach to health and healing can be implemented by paying attention to these physical ailments as symbolic of underlying stress factors. Suggestions are given on how to address the psychological factors in combination with medical treatment.

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The PI Resilience Profile (PISP-R)

The PISP gives constructive actions that can be implemented within a self (team, organizational) coaching and mentoring program. It was designed to introduce new power tools into the plan of action in order to maximize resilience and the reclaiming of equilibrium, balance, harmony and health. 

Reliability and efficacy

The Design-efficiency is used to analyze the conjoint design and provides an indication of the overall quality of the design. The D-efficiency for the PIP assessment conjoint analysis obtained was 92.18%. (Table 1). D-efficiencies for each attribute are also reported.  Low attribute D-efficiency is an indication that some levels of that attribute might not be included enough times in the design. The international benchmark for D-efficiency is 80%. Efficiency coefficients for each attribute were obtained as reflected in table 1.

Due to the nature of conjoint analysis, the reliability of each respondent’s questionnaire can be determined. This is done by calculating the R-square for each respondent. R-square is determined by the consistency with which the respondent indicated his/her preferences and is an explanation of the variability of the respondent’s answers and is an indication of the accuracy with which the respondent’s preferences can be predicted. The minimum acceptable R-square is 40%. Within this research study, none obtained an R-square of 40% or lower. The R-square coefficient for the entire study is 79.4%.  This makes it possible to explain 79.4% of the variance in the study.



The PISP can be implemented as part of:    

  1. Self-development, self-coaching, self-mastery, and self-discipline.  programs 

  2. Team and organizational coaching and mentoring

  3. Team company and organizational health, wellbeing, and wellness training

  4. Team building

  5. Building relationships

  6. Leadership development

  7. Career development

  8. HR – training and development

  9. Strategic and organizational planning and development.

  10. Consulting



Professional and qualified Power Intelligence coaches and mentors are trained to develop custom-made packages specially designed to meet the specific needs of individuals, groups, companies, and organizations. The PISP is used to track the progress thereby securing effectiveness, efficiency, and cost-effective investments of time, effort, and money.  

This includes:

Profiles: for individuals, groups, companies, and organizations as a whole.

PI Profiles are available for individuals, teams, groups, organizations, companies and governments.

Training workshops

  • One, two, and three-day workshops. Please see the list of workshops on the Power Intelligence Academy Platform.

  • Weekend retreats. Weekend retreats include internalizing all information and developing visualization and meditation techniques.

  • Leadership and Mentoring training and development: The “PI Training the Trainer” program focuses on training individuals, Psychologists, and HR practitioners in the use of the Power Intelligence Coaching and Mentoring Program and the PIP. Leaders are “power boosted’ with new skills, tools, and information concerning the leader as an Alchemist.

  • Coaching and mentoring: PI worksheets are included with the PISP and can  be utilized as part of coaching and mentoring programs.

Authentic Enlightened Leadership Dvelopment

  • We are entering into a new era the Golden Era. The new leader will need to become an Alchemist. Alchemy refers to the changing of lower-order potential to higher-order levels of innovation and success to produce the “Gold”. The leader of today needs to become Power Intelligent to fulfill this role of the Alchemist. Leadership training and development includes equipping leaders with the necessary power tools. By identifying and managing dissonance and resonance within leadership and management the whole development and progress process can be enhanced and maximized.

Health, wellness and resilience development

  • The SDNAP includes - as a bonus - a Health and Wellness Profile and a Resilience Profile. This information can be utilized as part of a daily wellness development program and a resilience campaign.


Career planning and development

  • When a person starts growing in new success DNA and becomes power intelligent, the context within they function starts to change as well. Career planning then becomes a necessity.



  • In order to accommodate the new release of energy in a constructive way, individuals, teams, organizations, and companies will need to re-address their performance reviews and packages, career path development, management processes, and leadership styles   and integrate this within new levels of success within the team, organization and/or company


Building an organizational dashboard

  • An organizational dashboard can be custom-made to meet all an organization's assessment demands. This is done in conjunction with specialists from a leading assessment and IT company.   


How do you go about implementing SDNA in your own life and the development of your team, company and/or organization? Follow the 5 step SDNA Plan.


PISP Assessment and analysis

Find out what your PISP looks like now. This can be done in two ways:

Option 1:  Website purchase

You can purchase the PISP for your staff members from the Power Intelligence Website Home Page.  The automated reply will send an email to each person you have invited to participate. Each individual will receive their own PISP with their development plan. A collective PISP Profile is then available for you to use as part of your planning and development strategy.

Option 2: Contact us for an analysis of personal, team, and company results as obtained from the PISP Profile. A holistic integrated custom-developed plan of action will be complied to maximize your current potential by using the Power Intelligence Package.


Planning and development.

There are two possibilities:

Option 1: You can follow the suggestions made in your NSDA Profile and plan how to meet the challenges and utilize the new potential that is in you, your team, and/or your organization.

Option 2:  Contact one of the  Power Intelligence consultants, or Dr. Brenda Hattingh or Johan Erasmus, and request a presentation on how to maximize your potential and develop a strategy by using the PISP Package.



Implement the strategy you have decided on.

Option 1: The Centre for Power Intelligence provides a comprehensive PI Package Solution. The PI team headed by Dr. Brenda Hattingh and Johan Erasmus, can assist you in compiling a custom-made package to integrate within current personal, team, and organizational strategies.

Option 2: Get the right coaches, mentors, and presenters to train you, your team, and your organization in new skills for example – coaching, mentoring, leadership development, relationships, wellness, or resilience training.


Assessment and planning

Once again do the PISP and assess the level of Power Intelligence (PI), Self-coaching, authentic, enlightened leadership, and the changes that have taken place. Identify challenges that still need to be met. Plan follow-up strategies, coaching mentoring, and development as needed. To sustain the changes and development it is necessary to re-enforce the new information.

Or get a one-stop package by contacting us for assistance. 


one stop packages

Request a presentation and get a one stop package that includes all the above mentioned steps custom made for you, your team, your organization or your company. Custom made packages available on request


Visit the Power Intelligence Academy for all training, coaching, and development information and training material including leadership and management workshops and wellness and diversity training. 


A wide range of topic include:

1. Workshops

 Some workshop topics include

  • The New Success DNA - Do you have it and how to develop it?

  • Financial Coaching: Making Money - Making Ends Meet

  • PI Coaching and Mentoring - Power Boost Your Success

  • Communication - Learning the language of success

  • Conflict Management- Turning power games into cooperation

  • Quality living - Winning the games of life & having fun

  • Harnessing the power of gender differences and creating success

  • Harnessing the power of diversity and creating success

  • Harnessing the power of cultural differences and creating success

  • Going for Gold - Developing the self-image of success

  • Power Intelligence and Innovation - Moving to the next level

  • Leadership - Developing your GPS in life and business 

  • Soul-centred leadership - Developing quality leaders

  • Power Intelligence - The intelligence of the future

  • Developing Health, Wellness and Resilience

  • The power of branding - Writing new success stories

  • PI & Stress management - Fast forward your path to success

  • Successful Living. Joining the adventure called life


  • Each workshop has its own worksheet and/or manual and training material


Books: For all books available see the author page on

  • New Success DNA. What you should know and how to activate it.

  • New leadership DNA. What everyone should know about leaders and leadership

  • Power Intelligence. Accessing your miracle mind

  • Life: Stumbling block or stepping stone?

  • Power Tools for Power People

  • Authentic Living and Leading.

  • Power Intelligence 101. Do you have it and how to develop it?

  • more books available HERE


The Power Intelligence Academy has the services of a team of highly qualified and professional coaches, mentors, and Power Intelligence facilitators. Their expertise ranges from topics relating to organizational and forensic psychology, career counseling, presentation skills, coaching, mentoring, resilience and wellness training, diversity training, and leadership and management training and development.

At the same time, qualified mentors and coaches can be trained, licensed nd accredited, for in-house services.      

Gain more insight into the power and potential of the PISP through these case studies. 


STAN is 34 years old and has just been appointed as the new CEO of a dwindling IT-Company. He is an IT specialist with an MBA and was headhunted to turn the company around. Find out how STAN used his Power Intelligence Success Profile (PISP) to help him not only master and coach himself while navigating the company into a new era - but to also balance his work life with relocating to a new city and the arrival of a new baby. 

Read more about STAN and the Influence of the PISP on his journey HERE


The IT honeymoon is long over and the company is struggling to get new contracts are the competition in the IT business becomes more and more competitive. Staff are respondents and many of the best IT specialists have left. The rest are fearful of losing their jobs. Find out how the Power Intelligence success Profile helped staff members to identify new personal potential and their collective potential as a team. Read how they, under the leadership of STAN their new CEO,  used the PISP information to not only turn themselves around - but to also turn the company around by creating new business that has taken them to new heights. 

Read more about the influence of the PISPin turnaround process of this IT-Company HERE

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